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TERRATEC Hard Rock Double Shield TBM is belting along with its Continuous Conveyor on the Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower project
16 February 2024
TERRATEC Rock Slurry TBM excels in Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project
31 January 2024
TERRATEC EPBMs ready for Bangkok Metro Purple Line
29 December 2023
TERRATEC TBM celebrates breakthrough on Chennai Metro
30 November 2023
TERRATEC Rock EPBM is ready for Delhi Metro
31 October 2023
TERRATEC delivers Tunnel Conveyors for Metro Manila Subway Project in the Philippines
29 September 2023
TERRATEC Hard Rock Double Shield TBM commences operations for Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower project
25 August 2023
TERRATEC TBMs continue to impress over long drives in Argentina
28 July 2023
TERRATEC delivers a Rock Slurry TBM for Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project
30 June 2023
A fleet of JIMT/TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for Taiwan’s Taoyuan MRT Green Line
31 May 2023
TERRATEC EPB TBM is rocking at Mithi River
1 May 2023
TERRATEC TBMs launched for Surat Metro
31 March 2023
TERRATEC TBMs get up to speed on Chennai Metro
31 January 2023
Two TERRATEC EPBMS ready for Bangkok flood prevention project
30 December 2022
Three TERRATEC EPBMS delivered for Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Tunnel
31 October 2022
TERRATEC EPBMs ready to tackle Kanpur Metro’s 1st Underground Section in India
30 September 2022
TERRATEC EPBM breaks through in Thailand helping Samui Island keep its title as a top Asian tourist destination
31 August 2022
TERRATEC delivers more EPBMs for Chennai Metro Phase-II Tunnelling work
29 July 2022
A fleet of TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for action on Chennai Metro Phase-II Tunneling work
31 May 2022
TERRATEC EPBM completes Bangkok Rama III Cable Tunnel Project
30 April 2022
TERRATEC EPBM Ready for South Bangkok Cable Tunnel Project
28 February 2022
TERRATEC secures all machines for Surat Metro Rail Project
31 January 2022
TERRATEC EPBMs are ready for India's first Regional Rapid Transit System - Delhi-Meerut Project
30 December 2021
TERRATEC delivers two TBMs for Kanpur Metro’s 1st Underground Section in India
30 November 2021
TERRATEC delivers large Raise Borer to India
29 October 2021
Two more JIMT/TERRATEC EPBMs delivered for Taiwan’s Taoyuan MRT Green Line
31 August 2021
TERRATEC TBM celebrates final breakthrough on Pune Metro package UG-01
30 July 2021
TERRATEC 2nd Open TBM delivered for Mumbai’s Water Tunnel Project
30 June 2021
JIMT/TERRATEC EPBM delivered for Taoyuan MRT Green Line
30 April 2021
TERRATEC’s EPBM completes Bangkok Orange Line Metro tunnel
31 March 2021
TERRATEC’s EPBM gears up for Agua Sur tunnel
28 February 2021
TERRATEC TBM begins work for Delhi Metro Phase 4
29 January 2021
TERRATEC MTBM system breaks through in Ahmedabad, India
23 December 2020
TERRATEC TBMs breakthrough on Pune Metro
30 November 2020
TERRATEC Open TBM delivered for Mumbai’s Water Tunnel Project
30 September 2020
TERRATEC delivers its 25th TBM to India
31 August 2020
Argentina’s President kicks-off landmark Agua Sur tunnel
25 June 2020
TERRATEC EPBMs achieving good progress on Istanbul Metro
26 May 2020
TERRATEC marks major milestone in Bangkok
26 March 2020
TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for new Istanbul Metro line
2 March 2020
TERRATEC secures AMT-II hard rock TBM order
23 December 2019
TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for tunnelling on Pune Metro
31 October 2019
TERRATEC RBM completes first shaft at Buriticá gold mine
27 September 2019
TERRATEC TBM completes first tunnel for Mumbai Metro
23 August 2019
Second TERRATEC EPBM delivered for Argentina’s landmark Agua Sur water tunnel project
8 August 2019
TERRATEC TBM breaks through on Bangkok tight radius curve
27 June 2019
TERRATEC secures contract for Pune Metro TBMs
29 April 2019
TERRATEC TBMs delivering results in Thailand
29 March 2019
First TERRATEC TBM breaks through on Mumbai Metro
28 February 2019
A fleet of TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for action on Istanbul’s new Halkali airport metro connection
30 January 2019
TERRATEC EPBMs prepped for new Istanbul metro line
17 December 2018
TERRATEC EPBM to steer for success in Bangkok
27 November 2018
TERRATEC EPBMs to assist Argentina’s landmark Agua Sur water tunnel project
29 October 2018
TERRATEC and JIM Technology formalise relationship
15 October 2018
TERRATEC supplies custom Raise Borer to Mount Isa
9 October 2018
TERRATEC TBMs get up to speed on Mumbai Metro
24 August 2018
TERRATEC EPBM delivered for Bangkok’s Orange Metro Line
30 July 2018
Rugged, Reliable & Flexible: The UB1000
17 July 2018
TERRATEC meets the gold standard in Colombia
25 June 2018
TERRATEC TBMs continue to succeed in India
28 May 2018
TERRATEC EPBMs pushing the envelope in Bangkok
30 April 2018
TERRATEC marks record-breaking TBM advance in Istanbul
22 March 2018
TERRATEC delivers four more EPBMs to Istanbul
27 February 2018
TERRATEC opens new office in Peru to service Raise Boring market
23 January 2018
TERRATEC Double Shields head to landmark water tunnel
18 December 2017
TERRATEC tight radius shield progresses in Bangkok
27 October 2017
TERRATEC TBMs complete breakthroughs at Lucknow Metro
22 September 2017
TERRATEC supplies first new Mumbai Metro TBMs
29 August 2017
TERRATEC marks continued growth in the Turkish market
25 July 2017
TERRATEC raises the bar in China
27 June 2017
TERRATEC EPBMs get into gear on Istanbul’s new Metro Line
25 May 2017
Extreme articulation for Bangkok flood prevention
28 April 2017
TERRATEC TBM breaks through ahead of schedule in Laos
27 March 2017
TERRATEC MTBM systems excel in Bangkok
28 February 2017
TERRATEC opens new large-diameter TBM facility
30 January 2017
TERRATEC delivers two more EPBMs for Istanbul Metro
20 December 2016
TERRATEC completes 20 breakthroughs for Delhi Metro
30 November 2016
TERRATEC delivers Lucknow’s first TBMs
1 November 2016
TERRATEC stays ahead of the curve in Bangkok
3 October 2016
TERRATEC delivers another Microtunnelling System for Thailand
31 August 2016
TERRATEC Double Shield TBM passes mid-point in Laos
1 August 2016
TERRATEC secures very busy 2016 & 2017
30 June 2016
TERRATEC delivers large Double Shield TBM
15 April 2016
TERRATEC TR3000 breaks through in China
29 February 2016
TERRATEC TBM breaks through in Istanbul Metro
31 December 2015
TERRATEC delivers 2 new Microtunnelling systems
18 December 2015
TERRATEC TBMs complete the tunnelling works of CC-34 project in Delhi
30 September 2015
TERRATEC TBM achieves new breakthrough in Delhi
31 August 2015
TERRATEC delivers the first large Raise Borer for China
29 June 2015
TERRATEC EPBM breaks through in Bangkok Metro
30 May 2015
TERRATEC TBM commences tunnelling in Laos
31 March 2015
TERRATEC celebrates its 25th anniversary
26 February 2015
TERRATEC delivers new Double Shield TBM
12 December 2014
TERRATEC TBMs breakthroughs continue in India
1 November 2014
TERRATEC delivers TBM for Istanbul Metro
31 August 2014
TERRATEC TBMS double breakthroughs in India
2 August 2014
TERRATEC MTBM completes project in Thailand
30 June 2014
TERRATEC secures two new TBM orders
31 May 2014
TERRATEC delivers TR2000 Raise Boring Machine for Mexico
31 March 2014
TERRATEC MTBM ready to cross Bang PaKong River
31 January 2014
TERRATEC Microtunnelling System completes half of its work in Delhi
31 December 2013
TERRATEC Raise Borer makes big advances in Argentina
9 December 2013
TERRATEC delivers the last two TBMs for Phase III of Delhi Metro
26 November 2013
TERRATEC delivers Sixth TBM for Delhi Metro Phase III
11 October 2013
TERRATEC delivers new Microtunnelling System in Thailand
27 July 2013
TERRATEC launches its new Universal Boxhole Borer
4 July 2013
TERRATEC delivers the first Raise Boring Machine for Argentina
23 May 2013
TERRATEC delivers TR3000 Raise Boring Machine for Mexico
10 February 2013
TERRATEC unveils Third TBM for Delhi Metro Phase III
31 January 2013
TERRATEC supplies first TBM for Delhi Metro Phase III
29 November 2012
Prime Minister kicks-off Bangkok Blue Line Extension
30 August 2012
Terratec delivers new EPBM to Bangkok
10 April 2012
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