Terratec delivers the first large Raise Borer for China

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TERRATEC delivers the first large Raise Borer for China
29 June 2015
TR3000 Raise Boring Machine completed factory testing in Australia

TERRATEC has successfully completed the Factory Testing and delivery of a new TR3000 Raise Boring Machine on Friday 19th June 2015. The event was held in the Company’s workshop in Tasmania, Australia.

The destination of the machine is a new one: China. Despite the Mining Companies and Raise Boring Contractors in China have been using Raise Boring Machines for years, almost all of those have been locally produced with a nominal diameter always smaller than 1.8 metre.

The mines where the Raise Borer will work are located in the Chinese Province of Yunnan, where the main mineral extraction is Copper. As the mines develop deeper levels, the access requirements for services such ventilation, mineral pass, etc. increases, so the mines are now looking into bigger shafts and for this require of larger machines like this one.

TERRATEC’s TR3000 model has a nominal boring size of 3.0 metre in diameter and 500 meters in depth. The machine uses a standard pilot hole of 311mm in diameter and it has a maximum pilot Drilling Torque of 78,000Nm, Reaming Torque to 237,000Nm and Breakout to 266,000Nm. The Down Thrust maximum force is 1,600kN with Up Thrust being 4,500kN. The total Installed Power on the machine is 352kW. The Raise Borer is a robust piece of equipment, designed for easy operation and high reliability.

First large Raise Borer for China project

After extensive research and analysis, the mining contractor has selected TERRATEC to supply this first large Raise Borer, based on its highest quality standards, the Company’s well tested technology over the last 25 years, and the short delivery time.

TERRATEC has similar Raise Borers working around the world, especially in Australia and North and South America mines. With this one, TERRATEC achieves an important milestone expanding its sales into Chinese Market, where there will be many opportunities for the supply of large Raise Borers like this one in the coming years.

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