TERRATEC launches its new Universal Boxhole Borer


TERRATEC has launched a new rig to join its Raise Boring product line. The machine, called Universal Boxhole Boring Machine – UB1000, is designed to boxhole sections up to 1.06m diameter x 100m long and it can also ream conventional raises nominally 1.8m diameter x 200m deep.

The design and production of the machine were enterely done in the Company’s facilities in Tasmania, Australia. The machine brings into the maket innovative solutions to allow the safe and efficient execution of slots in the mines with a fully automated Raise Drill.

The major features include the followings:

The Derrick Assembly, including the Gearbox complete with Floating Drive Box (Chuck), is suitable for 10″ dia. x 48″ long Drill String. The gearbox is designed so it can be positioned with the drive box pointing up for box-holes, or down for conventional raising.

The machine is supplied complete with a gearbox turning cradle suitable to quickly and easily index from box hole mode to raise-bore mode in less than one shift. The integrated Torque Column/Thrust Cylinders provide balanced thrust and clear access from all sides.

The Rig is able to operate at up to 45o dip, either side of centre-line, in a “cross-drift” orientation, with no requirement to turn the rig first, or any modifications to change from left hand to right hand dip.

Powered Overhead Worktable Doors with integrated Powered Wrenching System ensures no man access is required at height.

Extendable Muck Chute for Boxholing, with a door to allow 1.06m diameter drill String Components past. Also has integrated “Stinger” Cylinders and Adjustable “Spears” to help control vibration.

The All-Purpose Ground-Loading Rod Handler included in the machine, handles all drilling consumables, including reamer and non-rotating stabilisers.

The Sled Mounted Crane/Conveyor with integrated Operator Station removes the muck to a skip bin location beyond pipe loading area, and allows easy positioning of reamer, non-rotating stabilisers etc. around the drill.

Drill Rod Feed Cassettes are supplied and each holds ten (10) rods. The cassettes are mechanized to feed one rod at a time to the rod handler, or accept one rod at a time from the pipe loader when removing rods from the machine. The feed cassette is powered from the hydraulic power unit.

The Hydraulic Power Unit and Electrical Cabinet are mounted on Twin Stackable Sleds, with fire suppression fitted to both sleds. Full pressure and return filtration for each pump.

Stainless Steel Operator Control Console complete with radio remote for selected functions.

Ceramic Coated Thrust Cylinder Rods for corrosion resistance.

The transportation of machine is done by a Radio-Remote controlled Transport/Erector Crawler complete with 104kW Diesel Motor and Hydraulic System plus Fire Suppression System.

With this new Universal Borer, TERRATEC expects to cover the gap in the market in terms of safety, efficiency and fully automated Box-Holing machinery, which the demand is increasing significantly in the past few years in the mines in Australia and worldwide.

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