TERRATEC Double Shield TBM passes mid-point in Laos


Early July saw the TERRATEC Double Shield TBM passing the mid-way point of the 11.5km long tunnel for the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Hydropower Project in Laos.

After its assembly and sliding through the launching addit, the TBM commenced its round the clock boring in July 2015. As of 31st July 2016, the TBM driven by the Tunnelling Contractor SELI Overseas S.p.A. completed 6,442m. In the last three months, the machine has registered sustained advances of 806, 824 and 1,004 meters. For this diameter of shield machine and especially when evacuating the rock by Rolling Stock, these figures are believed to be a record in South East Asia.

The TBM has been boring through different formations, mainly mudstone, sandstone and siltstone with an average Uniaxial Compression Strength (UCS) of 80MPa and peaks up to 200MPa. The TBM has gone through fractured zones as well and crossed 3 faults successfully on its way. The smooth and close cooperation between SELI Overseas and TERRATEC in design, technical solutions and execution has been key to achieve this.

The remaining 5km of boring are expected to be completed by early 2017, at which point SELI Overseas will hand the tunnel over to SK Engineering and Construction, the main contractor, to complete the project.

Underground construction in Laos

TERRATEC has proven once again the excellence in design and performance of its Hard Rock TBMs. As a result, several projects in the Region have opted for TERRATEC Rock Machines, more information on which will come in future press releases.

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