Incorporation of TERRATEC

The company is established in Tasmania, Australia, for the design and manufacturing of TBMs, RBMs and Conveyor Systems.


Tunnelling Production World Record

The new TERRATEC concept of continuously advancing conveyor system sets the production World Record in the Blue Mountains Project, which is still unbroken for that diameter tunnel today.


Oscillating Disc Cutter (ODC)

After several years of Research & Development. A full-scale prototype of the ODC is designed, manufactured and tested to prove its effectiveness to Cut Rock up to 10 times more efficiently than conventional Disc Cutters.


First Export to China

TERRATEC obtains its first contract in CHINA for the supply of one TBM and two Segment Erecting Machines for the Strategic Sewer Disposal Scheme in Hong Kong


First Export to USA

TERRATEC receives an Order from Stillwater Mining Co. and BHP Copper Inc. for the supply of three Raise Boring Machines (TDRL-600 and TDRL1000’s) in the difficult USA Market controlled by American competitors up to that time.


First Export to Europe

TERRATEC receives the first order to export its equipment to Europe, consisting of a TBM and related Back-up System for a water transfer project in Portugal.


First EPB Project

TERRATEC participates in the design and supply of the tunnelling equipment together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the New Metro Rail City Project in Perth, Australia.


Eight TBMs for Delhi Metro

TERRATEC supplies eight (8) TBMs with respective Back-Up System for Delhi Metro Phase III. The Tunnel Boring Machines are  Ø6.61m EPB Shields.


New Universal Boxhole Borer

TERRATEC launches the Universal Boxhole Boring Machine - UB1000, designed to boxhole sections up to 1.06m diameter x 100m long, and to ream conventional raises nominally 1.8m diameter x 200m deep as well.


Ø10m Double Shield TBM

The company receives an order for the design and supply of Ø10m Hard Rock Double Shield TBM for Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydroelectric Project in the Himalayas. The 10m diameter is the largest in India at that time.


Integration into JIMT Group

JIMT Group from Japan (owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI Group and JFE Engineering) acquired the majority of the shares of the Company, becoming the Group’s arm for the overseas TBM business.


Order for two Ø14.5m TBMs

The two (2) Earth Pressure Balanced TBMs are the largest diameter in India at that time and are to construct the Goregaon-Mulund Link Road Project in Mumbai.